In THE 9 TRANSFORMATIONS ELITE© we work as a group from the get go and you only need to bring the desire to learn and to be an instrument in order to transform your life.

The program is designed so that from the first day of classes, you begin to apply what you learn. You will feel a gradual and lasting change in your life, which begins in a dynamic and entertaining way.

The next 3 days are important and we want you to be with us as you get on the way to a new way of living based on the Applied Science of Integral Well-Being ©.



Module I: Panoramic Reality

Imagine that you will suddenly be able to understand how your environment works and what determines and extends or limits the reality in which you live. How do you think you would play if you knew the rules of the game? You’re going to start seeing things more clearly so you can make better short, medium, and long-term decisions.

Module II: Awakening

Proactivity is power. However, in order to become a proactive person, you need more than simply stating the intention and motivation. You need to start the journey. This module will give you the first tools to begin the path for a better and more consistent life in all of its aspects. A LIFE WHERE THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Module III: Self-Definition

Imagine the power you have to finally find, identify and declare your own definition as a person. By exploring your own definition, you will be able to exploit your potential as a human being and you will know how to interpret it to work in your favor.


Module IV: Your Freedom

Do you know how many of your own powers you have not used for a long time? In this module, you will consciously reactivate them to start using them. You will awaken your potential as an individual and maximize your ability to achieve the integral well-being you deserve.

Module V: The Power of Choice

In this module you will learn how to use your true power. Choice is a skill that only gets better with conscious practice. You need to know the reasons behind a good choice and how to focus on that talent that will determine your starting point in order to redirect your focus point.

Module VI: Mind and Body

Would you risk driving a vehicle blindfolded and unable to drive? Living a life without knowing how your body works and what to do in order to keep it healthy? These are risks that after this level, you will never have to take again. Imagine that you have lived most of your life without knowing that wonderful machine called the human body. The moto is that of “a healthy mind in/is a healthy body”.


Module VII: Applying Science

This module is 100% practice and execution. You will share with the group, your progress and doubts. It is a module where participants make the difference between saying and doing. It is an enriching and full growth experience.

Module VIII: Designing Your Life

Imagine having walked all this time blindfolded and that you will have the opportunity to remove the cover. To become the architect of your future. You will understand the importance of what it is to give yourself real meaning and value in order to achieve what you aspire to in your life.

Module IX: The Power of Time

This module will give you a powerful experience where you can put into practice what has been taught to you throughout the program. You will discover the meaning and reason of life. It is an extraordinary experience where you maximize everything that is important in your life, bringing your knowledge and emotions to one’s limits. An experience that you want and need in order to live!