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"The Pitfalls of Happiness, The 9 Transformations for the Applied Science of Integral Well-Being¨, is a book that is written and designed to transform your life. It takes you by the hand in order to experience that change you want and you were waiting for. Working as a team, you will learn the rules of the game so you can design your own strategy of how you want to live the life you have always wanted to have.

I choose to wake up

“You only die once but you live every day” Editorial Urano, 2014

“In this excellent book by my friend Eduardo Massé, it shows the important role that science plays in our life.”
Dr. César Lozano

“In this beautiful story, Edward sets out the most important lessons for living a fulfilling and fulfilling life, making rigorous research-based ideas accessible to us. We can all connect with the search for the characters of the book, and through the wisdom that their stories reveal, we can discover our own path to happiness ”

Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard PhD.

Scientific Leadership, The New Frontier

“Changing people to change culture” Ebook, 2015

"Explore the practical applications of Applied Science of Integral Well-Being, to bring about leadership based on fostering emotional intelligence, contribution, improvement and success for your team and for you.
The first thing is to learn to lead before we try to lead others. Proactive personal work should be focused on getting the best of us as a first step before trying to do the same with others. "

Eduardo Massé

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