“Eduardo, I want to thank you for all your experience and knowledge. It has been an incredible experience, very professional and interesting. I loved the scientific approach and above all, teamwork.”

Lilia Martinez
Tequila Cuervo

“Program very well structured. Highly interesting theme and practical application. Excellent exercises and dynamics.”

David Gómez

“This certification has really opened up a new vision for the integral well-being and the repercussions that this can have on my environment as much as in my family as in my work.”

Ramón Sanchéz

What Eduardo says is true: "Either you change your habits or your bad habits will take you to the pantheon." I really appreciate it, I already have 20 kilos less.

Adriana Corona
8vo Congreso de Liderazgo , GDL / Simplemente Adriana

"I take this opportunity to thank Eduardo Massé for the important work he has been doing in Latin America in the field of Positive Psychology."

Tal Ben Shahar
Harvard, PHD. Autor de Happiness

"It was a piggy bank day. I fell many "twenties" and I really had fun in the process."

Luis Salcedo

"Program very well structured. Highly interesting theme and practical application. Excellent exercises and dynamics. "

David Gómez

"It made me feel at home. I must confess that at first I came because my boss asked me, rather than out of self-conviction. Now I can tell you that I have felt in intimacy with connection. I can tell you that today I can give you my vote of confidence. "​

Margarita Canto

"I want to share with you that after the course I took with you in August I have had important changes in my way of life, thanks to the integral well-being I have been able to lower 9 kg, and my family is also carrying it out."

Jaime Chapoy
Tv Azteca

"In the purest style of gratitude I write to you to say that: grace. The subject of diet, exercise and meditation, are already part of the day to day. It is no longer difficult to follow a certain regime without falling into self-dictatorships. And from the topic of contributions and thanks I tell you that I have incorporated it into my daily life, and even my talks, and it is a success: things are going great, and "other" good things start happening.

Friend Massé thank you, and I hope to continue in this process that you have opened, and at the same time has opened new things for me.”

Pablo Latapí
Tv Azteca / Consejo Azteca

"I send this email to thank you for all your support during this year, which was for me, personally, a challenge that is ending in a wonderful way. I comment that the local closed with a 138% The area of ​​other customers, breaking the historic record of the local. "​
Alberto Heyser
Tv Azteca

"It allows me to compete what I have achieved with your program: Stop smoking, I exercise 3 times a week (which has allowed me to maintain my weight even after I quit smoking), I committed to my partner to lead a healthy relationship And based on fidelity (although nobody believes it I have been able to fulfill it), I closed my marriage with the mother of my daughter in a cordial way, spent more quality time with my daughter, I liquidated the bank credit I had to buy and condition both departments, di The hitch of a new apartment and I got a bigger and cheaper credit, besides traveling with my partner once a month and our relationship has been growing. "

Luis Flores